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Day 1 - Friday, 12 August 2011 overnighted at Sorgeri Lodge

Last updated Saturday, 10 September 2011

Well the introductory link to this is

Visited PNG After 14 Years But Headed To Kokoda, Oro Province
Gail Thomas of Kokoda Trekking Limited (which is otherwise referred to as KTL by the Kokoda people), put me up at the Sorgeri Lodge for the night.  It was a lovely drive to Sorgeri from Port Moresby, and it reminded me a bit of around Wau, Bulolo region in the Morobe Province, on my side of PNG, the New Guinea side, maybe because of resemblence of the mountain terrains.  New Guinea was once a separate Territory to Papua but now the country is known as Papua New Guinea not like it was called pre-independence Territory of Papua and New Guinea. However Sorgeri is in the Papuan region not the New Guinea region. 
Rm 4 where I stayed as you can see nice and clean
 Saturday, 14 August 2011 around 0630 hrs or so took some photos around Sorgeri Lodge

I recall one school holiday when my late father took myself and my 2 sisters, Joanna and Arama up to and Mount (Mt) Hagen and Goroka.  We stayed with a person if I remember his name correctly, Neville Clark (or Clarke) and his wife overnight in Mt Hagen.  They had a Highlands haus boi who also cooked.  Neville's wife taught him to cook (what was also known when referring to the white man as European) so European food.  Now that I come to think of it in those days, some of the expats must have taught these Highlands men to cook the white man's kai kai. I have since forgotten his name he was a really good cook too so when I met the man below in my photo, he brought me back memories of the lovely visit to the PNG highlands back in the 1970's.  With these memories and the fact that my mother is from mountain type terrain country, I think I fell in love with the Owen Stanley Range, especially the mountain parts of Kokoda.  I always tell people I am half salt water and mountain.  I guess that is why I love mountain terrains and the sea at the same time because of my mixed PNG heritage blood of Buang and Hula.

The cook who made my lovely bacon and eggs breakfast, forgotten his name but his from the Highlands in PNG

Large Coca Cola Sign, wonder if they sponser Sogeri Lodge and the Kokoda Trail Motel

On the morning of Saturday, 13 August 2011 I was able to see things a lot clearer

Warren Barlett the CEO of Sorgeri Lodge, was showing me around whilst we were waiting for Gail to pick me up